Glazing your Work

            Glazing your Work

Community Kiln:Glaze and Firing Services. 

We are open to all! 
  • Temperature: Cone 9-10 
  • Lead time: 1-2 weeks 
  • Current glazes over Thai/white clay
    • Glazes can vary in color depending on the clay body used
  • Who will be glazing the works? The studio can glaze your works for you with the glaze colors you choose or you can opt to book a time slot for studio-use to glaze your own works! 

    Renting the Kiln 

    You can rent out our kiln for ₱7k/firing (bisque/glaze) if you have over 50 works or more, to really save up on the usual fees since its paid per piece. You can message us your ideal schedule and we can work something out with you! 

    Another cool thing is: You can choose from our off-menu glazes aka colors we haven't released yet. If you're still in the planning stage of production -- we can even formulate a recipe for you if you need something specific. ♡ Just reach out through our email at