Pottery Wheel Class

            Pottery Wheel Class

Interested in pottery, but not ready to commit to four sessions with us? All good! Sign up by registering here.

These single-session Wheel Classes are held in-studio and cover the very basics of wheel throwing mugs and bowls. In two and a half hours, you'll learn the basics of wheel throwing + make your own mug or bowl. We'll trim, glaze, and fire your work for you afterward.

Just like our ceramics, you will be in the very good hands of instructor Ron Limgenco. Ron is a skilled and admired member of the local ceramics community in the Philippines. You can see one of his gorgeous pieces in the sample photos, and on Kibo's Instagram where we regularly showcase Ron's work.

Concerned about safety for in-person classes? We’ve got you. Here are some of the rules, reminders, and requests we have:

1. Kibo’s entire team is fully vaccinated, which is why we’re confident about offering our new classes to the public!

2. We require you to be fully vaccinated before participating in our early access in-studio classes. Kibo studios will provide a health waiver for all participants stating they are aware of the precautions recommended and the social distancing rules that will be in place.

3. No lingering in the studio past the designated class times. There will be multiple classes scheduled in a single day and our team needs to clean the class area between each session for everyone’s safety. Don’t worry, there will always be another time for a kwento sesh though.

4. Due to the uncertain nature of lockdown restrictions, please prepare for the possibility of your class dates being rescheduled with short notice. Kibo Studio has to be compliant with the timelines the national and local government units set for us.

5. Only Two (2) students per class will be allowed. So invite a friend to sign up if you’d like!

6. The fee is inclusive of COVID-19 Antigen tests. A single test kit will be sent to you a few days before your designated class date and time. Kibo Studio requires all participants of the Pottery Wheel Class to take the Antigen test 12 hours before their class time and send their Antigen test results to healthandsafetyatkibo@gmail.com with your name, class date and time.

Note: If you end up really enjoying your experience with us, send us a message over on Instagram or shoot an email to kibo.studioph@gmail.com to upgrade to the Full Course!