Pottery Wheel Class (Single Session - Beginner)

These single-session Pottery Wheel Classes are held in-studio and cover the very basics of wheel throwing cups and bowls.  In two and a half hours, you'll learn the basics of wheel throwing plus make your own mug or bowl.  We'll trim, glaze and fire your work for you afterward.

  • 1 session
  • 1.5 kg of stoneware clay (enough to make 3 pieces in one sitting)
  • Renting of tools 
  • Glazing and firing of works
  • Antigen kit
  • Opportunity to upgrade to Full Course 

 (4 slots per schedule)

Instructor: Ron Limgenco / Reine So

Note: If you end up really enjoying your experience with us, send us a message over on Instagram or shoot an email to kibo.studioph@gmail.com to upgrade to the Full Course!

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